Two dozen years under my belt. A SoCal gal. Gemini. Divorced. Not sure what i’m doing with my life. I love steak (medium rare please!). I’m bad at describing myself. Here are some other people’s thoughts about me:

“[A] Blake Lively who sings opera and does artsy stuff.”
-Francesca Phillips
Founder of Lott & Hudson

“Funny as crap.”
Anthropologie style icon

“[Bear is] that beautiful, tall, blonde girl who’s a little quirky and a lot of sarcastic. I’m pretty sure she can beat me up.”
We went on two dates. Apparently they didn’t stick.

“Erin ‘Bear’ Wilson is like a sunset. Consistent, complex, colorful, beautiful, enigmatic, artistic, a force of nature.”
A foot doctor that I definitely didn’t pay to say that.

Frienemy turned friend in 7th grade.

“…[she is] willing to sing for you if you’re in need of a smile. A slightly socially awkward hottie. Strong, ridiculously strong. Great nail-beds, never polished :/ .”
Top notch wedding planner

“Uma Thurman. I think of Uma Thurman.”

“Big boobs, big vibrato, big love.”
Really talented at growing hair.

” ‘Bear? Really? That’s her name?’
My petty soul mate.

“In days of old, they told tales of Aphrodite with her glory and power among the Greeks.  Today, there is just Bear Wilson.  With the face of an angel that can miraculously and frustratingly pull off and lipstick shade to date, hair that whispers in the wind like the life-sustaining crop of wheat, and a heart far purer than anyone that hot has any right to have – she is the woman of legend that exists in real life.  I would follow her into any battle or fashion advice giving situation.  BEAR FOREVER.”


Actress, comedian, storyteller extraordinaire.


“Bear: Stronger than your average male.”


somewhat above average 3-point shooter